Arabic Name Chains - Jewellery with Meaning for You

Name Necklace Arabic Unique personalized name necklace. Choose the Arabic script for your name.
from 64.90 CHF
incl. 7.7% tax
Arabic name bracelet Personalized Arabic name bracelet, made in 925 sterling silver. Embellish your wrist with your name.
from 64.90 CHF
incl. 7.7% tax
Sabr Hub Necklace Show your personality with the personalized Sabr Hub necklace in 925 sterling silver worn by our model
from 79.90 CHF
incl. 7.7% tax
Fatima Hand Initial Necklace A unique accessory, the personalized Fatima hand necklace with letter, made of 925 sterling silver.
from 69.90 CHF
incl. 7.7% tax


Personalised Jewellery with Your Name in Arabic Script

With an Arabic name chain, you can wear your name in the beautiful and mysterious script. Each name chain is carefully crafted for you, making it a valuable and personalised piece of jewellery that was created just for you. Choose from different materials such as gold or silver and design your name chain according to your personal taste.

The Mysterious Meaning of Your Name in Arabic Culture

In Arabic culture, names have a special meaning and are carefully chosen. Your name contributes to your individual character and identity. With a name chain in Arabic script, you can celebrate and express the mysterious meaning of your name.

Individual Design for Your Taste

Arabic name chains can be designed individually, so that each piece of jewellery can be perfectly tailored to your needs and taste. Whether as a necklace, bracelet or pendant, name chains in Arabic script are always an eye-catcher and an expression of your individual style.